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 The Low Carb high fat(LCHF) Diet!
Our diet plays a huge role in our dental and general health! Prof Tim Noakes of the Sport Science Institute has recently created a huge stir in the health and food industry with his new book 'THE REAL MEAL REVOLUTION'. It challenges and destroys in no uncertain terms the traditional food piramide and the way we were taught how to eat.

Sugar and carbohydrates are out and FAT is in!
Prof Noakes also stated that he is willing to stand in a court of law and back up everything he said with the necessary scientific proof. Wow, we must at leat pay attention to this one!

If you want to live healthy and get control of:

  - Learn the truth about high cholesterol
  - Obesity & weight control
  - Our modern lifestyle of CHRONIC DISEASES
  - ENERGY levels
  - your eating habits

you have to listen to these talks and know the TRUTH.

Part 1 The Paleo Diet    
Part 2 The Paleo Diet    









































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